Bronx Lullaby (a.k.a Smuggler's Waltz)

Daggers of moonlight murder the sheets
In the stink of a four dollar room
And Daddy’s gone a-hunting for a dimebag of schoolboy
Tied up with a yellow balloon

So hush little baby, Daddy must go
I’ll cover you up with a blanket of snow
By the time I make Jersey, you’ll be in Heaven
In a pretty blue shoe box, I know

So sing a song of ten grand, with a pocket full of dough
And I can’t take you to Baltimore
Wake God up in Heaven, have him look down below
There’s a little lost angel, blooming in the snow

Words and music by Tom Waits
©1982 Fifth Floor Music Inc.

Tom Waits: Vocals and acoustic guitar

Performed in the TV documentary ‘Poetry in Motion’ 1982
Released on video by Miramax in 1982
Released on video and DVD by Voyager in 1992

Track 6 on ‘A Nickel’s Worth of Dreams’
Track 16 on ‘Tales from the Underground, Volume 3’