Dave the Butcher

Music by Tom Waits
©1983 Jalma Music, administered by Ackee Music Inc. (ASCAP)

"This is an instrumental piece, It's a... actually I tried to find a calliope. Was it possible? So, I ended up playing on the B-3 organ. Well, I wanted that carnival feeling on it. Kind of a nightmare alley with Tyrone Power and John Blundell. Kind of a monkey on wood alcohol.

"It was originally inspired by a gentleman who did tremendous amounts of religious things in his house, and worked at a slaughter house. I was trying to imagine what was going on in his head while he cut up a load of pork loin and got completely out of his mind with a meat cleaver. I don't think it's going to get a lot of airplay. Unless we put a nice vocal on it."

- Tom Waits in the Swordfishtrombones Promo Interview

Produced by Tom Waits
Recorded and mixed by Biff Dawes
Recorded at Leeds Instrument Rental

Tom Waits: Hammond B-3 organ
Victor Feldman: Bass boo bams

Track 3 on the album ‘Swordfishtrombones’ 1983
Time: 2.18